Anita Shannon, LMP

Anita Shannon, LMP

Instructor Bio:
Anita J. Shannon is a Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in skin care, body treatments, clinical Aromatherapy and various modalities of massage therapy. She has worked as a national educator since 1990, appearing at numerous national Spa and Massage conventions each year. Anita is the Director of Advanced Continuing Education (ACE), an NCBTMB CE provider established in 2001, and has presented countless workshops on ACE Massage Cupping™ and MediCupping™ at international locations since developing these brands of bodywork in 2002.

Anita has published six articles on this subject in Massage Today, Massage Magazine and Les Nouvelles Esthetiques, along with publishing five educational videos, and is currently writing a book on VacuTherapies™. Her newest efforts include the new ACE Institute and Training Center, where students can study directly with Anita while working on clients with specific conditions such as mastectomies and reconstruction, scoliosis and many more.

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